The Best Freelancing Sites for Beginners: Easy to Use, Flexible Payment Options

Top 5 Freelancing Sites For Beginners

The best freelancing sites for beginners should be easy to use and offer a variety of payment options. They should also be reliable and offer support services for freelancers.

Some of these platforms even provide training and help you set your rates and pitch to clients. Others like SolidGigs actually find you work by delivering the top 1% of opportunities directly to your inbox.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a huge, popular platform where freelancers can find jobs. The site has features that support both clients and freelancers, such as a robust search function, an easy-to-use interface, secure payments and professional talent appraisal.

Freelancers can use their profile to apply for jobs that match their skills and experience. They can also create a project and invite professionals to bid on it. Once a client selects a freelancer, they can start work on the project.

For beginners, Upwork is a great place to start. To make a good impression on potential clients, be sure to have a professional-looking profile, use a paid test as a screening tool and conduct a video interview. This will help dissuade non-serious applicants and provide you with a way to verify a prospective freelancer’s abilities.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is a well-known freelancing site that has been around for quite some time. It offers robust communication tools and a large talent pool of freelancers from various fields. The platform also provides a variety of features that are useful for clients including time tracking and invoicing. It also allows clients to submit multiple entries for a project through a contest feature.

The best freelancers have a wide range of skills that they can apply to different projects and clients. This helps them stay busy and increase their earning potential. It is important for beginners to cultivate and hone these skills in order to succeed.

One of the key skills that beginner freelancers should have is the ability to communicate effectively. This is essential in ensuring that projects are completed accurately and on schedule.

3. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another great freelancing marketplace that offers a variety of projects. To get started, you must first create a profile with a bio and high-quality picture. This will serve as your first impression to both buyers and other freelancers. Be sure to update this regularly and provide detailed information about your skills.

You can also use the platform to make “offers” that are services or projects that you can offer for a set price. This way, you can attract potential clients and increase your chances of getting a project.

The site also offers various other features that help buyers and sellers find each other, including private messaging, a built-in escrow account payment system, and quality assurance measures. It also provides protection for freelancers by ensuring that the payment for a project is released only after it has been completed and approved.

4. Simply Hired

Similar to ZipRecruiter and Indeed, Simply Hired is a job aggregator that offers features like application management and salary calculators. This platform also provides tools to help with writing a job description and interview scheduling.

The platform is easy to use and focuses on outsourcing to freelancers. Companies can post a job and receive five free bids from qualified freelancers. The platform also offers instant messaging and a secure online database for project work.

Another option is Toptal, which specializes in higher-end freelance work and has a rigorous vetting process for its candidates. It also enables employers to pay their freelancers via bank transfers or PayPal. However, this platform doesn’t have as many job postings as other aggregators. Plus, some users complain of poor customer support.

5. Skyword

Skyword connects Fortune 1000 clients with freelance writers to create content for blogs, infographics and more. The company offers upfront payment as well as pay-per-view residual income. Writing articles for Skyword is a great way to build your portfolio and get experience.

Freelancers who have worked with Skyword say they like the variety of writing assignments and the quality of work that is expected. They also appreciate that the site pays in local currencies which makes it easier to compensate writers for their work.

While many of the reviews on G2 are positive there is a small number of criticisms including long delays in receiving assignments and a perceived high cost for the service. Despite this, Skyword is worth exploring for anyone looking to hire a team of talented freelancers for their content marketing programs.

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